If you came here looking for the free and open source version of SimpleRisk, then you've come to the right place. Written in PHP, with a MySQL database back-end, SimpleRisk was created in order to make risk management obtainable to all security practitioners, not just the ones with money to buy a GRC platform. And due to it's extremely intuitive interface, SimpleRisk has actually been selected over the big name GRC tools in several instances. "Where do I start?" you might ask. Well, the first place to start would probably be our Demo Site as it will give you a better feel for what SimpleRisk will look like once you have it installed.

Once you check out the demo and decide to give SimpleRisk a shot, you've got two options to proceed:

  1. Install SimpleRisk Yourself
  2. Try SimpleRisk Hosted for Free

If you choose to install SimpleRisk yourself, you may want to consider whether you want to extend your SimpleRisk functionality by purchasing one of our SimpleRisk Extras. While the core of SimpleRisk is and always will be free, these Extras provide additional "Enterprise" functionality above and beyond what is required for standard risk management. Things like Custom Authentication, Team Separation, E-mail Notifications, Import-Export, Encrypted Database, and Risk Assessments. You can purchase a license for these Extras, individually, or together, for a fraction of the cost of a GRC platform.

If you get stuck, or have any questions about SimpleRisk, check out our Support pages for options including Documentation and Frequently Asked Questions. We even offer several Paid Support options to choose from. SimpleRisk is truly Enterprise Risk Management Simplified.