A partner program that allows an organization to act as an authorized reseller of the SimpleRisk GRC and Incident Management Platform in exchange for a percent of sale compensation.


What is SimpleRisk?

The SimpleRisk Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) platform is designed to deliver a simple, effective and affordable GRC solution that ensures customers will benefit from the repeatable, scalable and sustainable processes that are the foundation of any successful GRC program. With SimpleRisk, you’re able to identify, rank, monitor, and track risks through their mitigation life cycle and continually measure the progress of your cybersecurity program.

What are some of the key differentiators that set SimpleRisk apart from our competitors?


  • Rapid implementation - From “zero to GRC” in a matter of minutes
  • Support both Hosted and On-Premise deployment models
  • Bundled packages with built-in discounts or A La Carte Extras available
  • Simple, intuitive, comprehensive and highly configurable
  • Responsive and knowledgeable customer support

How does the SimpleRisk VAR Program work?

The SimpleRisk VAR Program enables partners to act as authorized resellers of our SimpleRisk GRC and Incident Management Platform. SimpleRisk is responsible for ongoing customer support and is available to deliver joint product demonstrations and/or Q&A sessions upon request by the reseller or by the customer directly.


SimpleRisk partners are able to extend their security portfolio by building services around our GRC and Incident Management platform, and for VARs that have a MSSP model, we also offer the SimpleRisk GRCaaS Platform. Click the link below to schedule a call and view a live demo to review the SimpleRisk VAR Program and our GRC platform.


What are the key benefits of the VAR Program?


  • Present your clients with a simple, effective, affordable GRC solution and gain competitive advantage.
  • Receive compensation for the initial purchase as well as subsequent renewals.
  • Allow SimpleRisk to handle the workload and free you up after an introduction to a qualified client.
  • Leverage SimpleRisk’s responsive and knowledgeable customer support both pre and post-sale.
  • Solidify your trusted partner status by introducing clients to a unique, cost-effective, leading edge GRC platform.

VAR Compensation and Discounts

Key Components of the SimpleRisk VAR Program

To ensure pricing consistency and integrity:


  • All VARs receive the same discount level.
  • VAR compensation is based on net sale proceeds.
  • All customer discounts are calculated based on the pricing listed on the SimpleRisk website.
  • Customers receive the same pricing from VARs as they would by purchasing directly from SimpleRisk.
  • VARs are compensated at the same discount rate for both the initial purchase and any subsequent renewals.

Compensation and Discount Levels

Our compensation and discounts vary depending on the type of client introduction.


  • If the VAR introduces SimpleRisk to a customer that purchases SimpleRisk, the VAR is compensated at a rate of 10% for the initial term and subsequent renewals.
  • If SimpleRisk introduces VAR to a new or existing customer for order fulfillment, the VAR is compensated at a rate of 5% for the initial term and subsequent renewals.

Available Discounts

SimpleRisk also offers the following discounts to its direct customers, and VARs are able to extend these same discounts to their clients as well. Please note that the 10% "logo discount" below can be combined with the two or three year upfront payment discounts, making them cumulative.


  • 10% discount if customer allows SimpleRisk to feature their logo and link on our website
  • 10% discount in exchange for a 2-year term paid upfront
  • 20% discount in exchange for a 3-year term paid upfront

What are the SimpleRisk product offerings and cost?

SimpleRisk has flexible deployment models to meet your client’s specific requirements. You can click each product offering below to view additional information and pricing.

SimpleRisk Hosted and On-Premise plans include access to our licensed modules, termed “Extras,” that provide enhanced features above and beyond the SimpleRisk Core functionality. These plug-and-play modules will be essential to an organization’s success as they grow and mature their processes. We offer three distinct tiers for both deployment models designed to meet the budgetary and functional needs of different organizations.

How can I learn more about the SimpleRisk VAR Program?

To learn more about our SimpleRisk VAR Program, you can schedule a demo by accessing our online calendar and choosing any one hour time slot that works for you. We also offer a free 30-day Hosted trial where you can try out the fully-featured version of SimpleRisk firsthand. Should you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re here to help!