Upgrade Extra

The Upgrade Extra is designed primarily for On-Premise deployments to make the process of upgrading SimpleRisk much easier. It provides you with a button that you can click at any point to get a backup of the SimpleRisk database, as well as an upgrade capability that handles the application and database upgrades for you with a single click of the mouse.

What are SimpleRisk Extras?

SimpleRisk Core is our widely acclaimed, award winning, free and open source product that has been downloaded over 60,000 times and contains all of the basic Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) functionality needed to establish a foundational GRC program. As an organization’s GRC program matures, extended functionality is often required to meet requirements beyond what is available in the SimpleRisk Core offering.

To address these expanded needs, SimpleRisk has developed a variety of plug-and-play modules termed "Extras" that provide functionality above and beyond our SimpleRisk Core offering. These plug-and-play modules will be essential to the success of your GRC program as your organization grows and matures its processes. While all of our Extras are available in packaged bundles with both SimpleRisk On-Premise and Hosted deployment models, they can also be purchased A La Carte for those organizations that choose to deploy our platform on-premise.

Why was the Upgrade Extra created?

Previously, for SimpleRisk On-Premise users, upgrades to new SimpleRisk releases entailed several manual steps and often required intervention on the part of the SimpleRisk support team to resolve a wide variety of environmental issues that were usually outside of our immediate control. To address this, SimpleRisk developed an automated backup process to streamline release updates. The only requirement to obtain access to the Upgrade Extra is to register your SimpleRisk Core Instance on the SimpleRisk website.

How is the Upgrade Extra used?

The SimpleRisk Upgrade Extra is used to install new SimpleRisk releases with the click of a button.

A separate but related function we introduced to the backup process is our automated backup scheduling system.  While it doesn't require the Upgrade Extra, it does allow you to specify an Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly backup schedule for your SimpleRisk instance along with how long to retain the backup data.

What users would benefit from the Upgrade Extra?

SimpleRisk System Administrators benefit from the Upgrade Extra.

Which plans include the Upgrade Extra?

The SimpleRisk Upgrade Extra is available as a Free Extra that can be activated by anyone who registers a SimpleRisk instance and as such, is included with SimpleRisk Core, our free and open source product and all SimpleRisk plans and packages.

How can I learn more about the Upgrade Extra or try it out for myself?

To learn more about the Upgrade Extra or discuss specific use cases for how your organization could use it, feel free to schedule a demo online. If you would like to try out the Upgrade Extra functionality for yourself, we offer a free (no credit card required!) 30 day trial. Please reach out to SimpleRisk Support if you have any additional questions about the Upgrade Extra or any of the additional functionality that we offer.