Import-Export Extra

The Import-Export Extra provides the ability to import data into SimpleRisk by mapping fields in a CSV file to fields in the SimpleRisk database. The Extra also provides the ability to export CSV files from SimpleRisk containing Risks, Mitigations, Reviews, or a Combination report of all three.

What are SimpleRisk Extras?

SimpleRisk Core is our widely acclaimed, award winning, free and open source product that has been downloaded over 60,000 times and contains all of the basic Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) functionality needed to establish a foundational GRC program. As an organization’s GRC program matures, extended functionality is often required to meet requirements beyond what is available in the SimpleRisk Core offering.

To address these expanded needs, SimpleRisk has developed a variety of plug-and-play modules termed "Extras" that provide functionality above and beyond our SimpleRisk Core offering. These plug-and-play modules will be essential to the success of your GRC program as your organization grows and matures its processes. While all of our Extras are available in packaged bundles with both SimpleRisk On-Premise and Hosted deployment models, they can also be purchased A La Carte for those organizations that choose to deploy our platform on-premise.

Why was the Import-Export Extra created?

We recognized early on at SimpleRisk that most organizations we interacted with were performing risk management via spreadsheets and other manual processes and wanted to ensure that this was not an impediment to SimpleRisk adoption. Since existing risk data was typically stored in a CSV file, we created a way for users to be able to import this into SimpleRisk automatically, as opposed to the time consuming and tedious process of entering risk data manually. In addition, we learned that organizations also have a need to export risk data from time to time and the Import-Export Extra also enables users to export any risk data to a CSV file.

How is the Import-Export Extra used?

Initially, the primary use case for the Import-Export Extra was to give users a way to automatically import existing risks stored in a CSV format into SimpleRisk automatically, eliminating the need to manually recreate them. To accomplish this, users can simply map the columns in the spreadsheet to the fields in SimpleRisk and it will automatically ingest all the risk data. If our default fields don’t reflect everything you would like to track, you can leverage the SimpleRisk Customization Extra. This enables you to create your own custom fields in SimpleRisk, remove existing fields, and change the ordering of fields on the page.

While importing risk data is still the most common use case, the Import-Export Extra can also be used to import or export any risk data that’s stored in a CSV file such as:

  • Frameworks and Controls
  • Risk Assessment Questionnaires and Results
  • Penetration Test Results
  • Assets
  • Vulnerability Data
  • Users


What users would benefit from the Import-Export Extra?

While there are many underlying benefits associated with the Import-Export Extra that help users across the board, it primarily benefits SimpleRisk System Administrators by automating processes that would otherwise be manual, tedious, error prone and time consuming.

Which plans include the Import-Export Extra?

All On-Premise and Hosted Packages include the Import-Export Extra. Although our packages provide the most cost-effective way to purchase Extras, for those customers that choose a SimpleRisk On-Premise deployment model, we do offer an A La Carte option if you are interested in customizing which Extras you would like to purchase.

How can I learn more about the Import-Export Extra or try it out for myself?

To learn more about the Import-Export Extra or discuss specific use cases for how your organization could use it, feel free to schedule a demo online. If you would like to try out the Import-Export Extra functionality for yourself, we offer a free (no credit card required!) 30 day trial. Please reach out to SimpleRisk Support if you have any additional questions about the Import-Export Extra or any of the additional functionality that we offer.