The SimpleRisk 20180301-001 Release and the Risk Assessment Extra


This past weekend, we released the SimpleRisk 20180301-001 version of SimpleRisk.  Much of our effort on this release was spent with a major enhancement to the Risk Assessment Extra.  This Extra turns SimpleRisk into a fully functional internal and vendor risk assessment tool.  It provides you with the ability to create a database of questions, add them to a questionnaire, send that questionnaire to one or more contacts, collect the results, and push resulting risks into SimpleRisk.  Future iterations of this Extra will also provide you with the ability to add logic to questionnaires and compare results from multiple questionnaires over time.  

In addition to the Risk Assessment Extra functionality outlined above, the SimpleRisk 20180301-001 release includes some of the following changes as well:

  • Governance: Added the ability to define a mitigation percent for controls.  These mitigation percent values are now used in order to calculate the residual risk score for any risk that the control is applied to.
  • Compliance: Most of the efforts here for this release were focused around enhanced usability.  We added text filter search functionality for several of the pages.  We added some additional row coloring in order to indicate audit status.  We also added the ability to define your own custom audit status values.
  • Residual Risk: We continue to add new functionality around the residual risk scoring functionality.  Residual risk has been added as a new column in the Dynamic Risk Report.  It is also used to now provide the Risk Advice Report as well.
  • Settings: We are working on building out the Settings under the Configure menu.  This includes moving settings such as the session timeout and regeneration values, default language, content security policy, and debug logging so that their values can be set by an admin user in SimpleRisk, rather than an OS administrator.
  • Languages: Based on requests from customers, we added the Bulgarian and Slovak languages in this SimpleRisk release, bringing the total number of supported languages to 33.

In addition to the features outlined above, we also included fixes for a number of bugs from previous versions into this release.  The full release notes can be found here.  Feel free to reach out to support with any questions.

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