What's New With SimpleRisk 20240102-001 Release

SimpleRisk Core


The SimpleRisk 20240102-001 release is a minor hotfix release to patch some issues observed with the previous release as we continue to solidify and finish the user interface refresh. While most of these changes were minor we did also include a few adjustments and added/adjusted variables for the e-mail notification extra.


New notification structure


The following changes were made to improve the user experience:


  • Added the ability to select an Asset then select from a dropdown of the currently defined risks in the system and save the asset to the selected risks



This release included fixes for the following bugs:


  • Fixed an issue where the Create new Exception modal did not display the rich text editor correctly. 



The SimpleRisk Extras are the paid for functionality that extend the features of the SimpleRisk Core.  This release targets bugs that made it through the major updates to Import-Export as well as patching a bug and updating the Compliance Forge SCF extra.


The full list of updates to Extras are as follows:


Import/Export Extra

  • Fixed an issue preventing import updating assets when the Associated Risks column is mapped but no value is supplied.


Encryption Extra

  • Fixed an issue which made decryption of instances with vulnerability management extra difficult or not possible.
  • Fixed an issue where Encryption Extra could cause duplicate assets.


Risk Assessment Extra

  • Added new filters to the top of the Questionnaires table.
  • Added a settings cog allowing users to customize the displayed columns on the Questionnaires table.


Notification Extra

  • Added individual table variables for the Unreviewed and Past Due Risk review notifications.
  • Fixed the View Test Audit variable to correctly display “View the Test” and no longer states incorrectly “View the Risk”.
  • Fixed various issues regarding the display of links and rich text in Notification emails.


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