What's New With SimpleRisk 20240205-001 Release

SimpleRisk Core


The SimpleRisk 20240205-001 release is a follow up bugfix release to address issues reported by customers with the previous release. We are still heavily engaged in the user interface refresh but due to unforeseen setbacks we are continuing to fix issues with the current UI until it can be completed.




The following changes were made to improve the user experience:


  • Added a check in the Health Check to see if the SimpleRisk Base URL is a domain name, and if so, do a nslookup to see if it resolves.  If it does not, fail the check.



This release included fixes for the following bugs:


  • Fixed an issue where closing a risk sets its last_update field to "0000-00-00". This had negative effects on several reports, this should result in much greater accuracy on reports like “Risk Average over Time”




The SimpleRisk Extras are the paid for functionality that extend the features of the SimpleRisk Core.  This release targets bugs that made it through the major updates to Import-Export as well as patching a bug and updating the Compliance Forge SCF extra.


The full list of updates to Extras are as follows:


Import/Export Extra

  • Fixed an issue that prevented importing assets when a custom field was being used.


API Extra

  • Fixed an issue when you go to the API documentation page, you receive a "No operations defined in spec!" message. This should no longer be occurring.


Risk Assessment Extra

  • Fixed an issue where the Questionnaires page would only display 10 results.
  • Fixed an issue where drafts could not be saved without recording an answer for all questions.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a user that had previously completed an assessment would damage the records leaving them unretrievable. This fix will restore ones that were previously unable to be reviewed.
  • Removed logic that silently deletes expired tracking information for assessments.




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