What's new with the SimpleRisk 20211115-001 release?

SimpleRisk Core

The SimpleRisk 20211115-001 release includes a handful of bug fixes and a security update to the TinyMCE library. One major fix is that users who were experiencing incorrect values after updating risk values when the risk matrix is greater than 5x5 should no longer see these irregular changes.

This release includes the following bug fixes for the SimpleRisk Core:

  • Fixed an issue where when the Risk matrix is greater than 5x5, Contributing risk displays incorrect values after a value has been updated or changed after submission. The Risk score will be correct but the likelihood or impact whichever was changed would display incorrectly.
  • Made an update so under the "Risks and Assets" report, we now show the "%" sign after the number for the Mitigation Percent field.
  • Fixed an issue where custom fields would not be ordered correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Sort By" values in the Risks and Controls report show "Asset Name" and "Asset Risk" instead of "Control Name" and "Control Risk".
  • Fixed arrow icon for Risk details on the Questionnaires page facing the incorrect direction.
  • Fixed an issue where the framework_control_test_results_to_risks table is added by the assessment extra but is required for core functionality to work which would cause inoperability in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue on the compliance test creation menu where lower resolutions would not display dropdowns correctly.

SimpleRisk Extras

The SimpleRisk Extras are the paid for functionality that extend the features of the SimpleRisk Core.  

This release included a ton of new functionality and bug fixes to our SimpleRisk Extras:

Risk Assessment

  • Added the ability to create multiple tabs in a single questionnaire so users are no longer required to display the entire assessment all at once all of the time.


  • Fixed an issue where the Dynamic Risk Report could not be exported with PHP 7.4.


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