Simplerisk On-Premise

Step 2) Select Your Desired On-Premise Features...

A La Carte Extras


SimpleRisk Custom Authentication Extra

Provides support for Active Directory and SAML Authentication as well as Duo Security as a second factor of authentication. In the SimpleRisk Core product, without this Extra, the only option is to create new users in the SimpleRisk identity repository.



SimpleRisk Team-Based Separation Extra

When a risk is created, you assign that risk to a team. Users can be designated as a member of as many teams as you would like. This Extra restricts risk viewing to only the users who are members of the team that the risk is assigned to. In the SimpleRisk Core product, without this Extra, every user can see every risk.



SimpleRisk Email Notification Extra

SimpleRisk will send e-mail notifications when risks are submitted, modified, or otherwise actioned upon. This extra can also be added as a scheduled script to send routine reminders when risks are ready for a management review. In the SimpleRisk Core product, without this Extra, no notifications are communicated outside of the tool itself.



SimpleRisk Import-Export Extra

The Import-Export Extra provides the ability to import data into SimpleRisk by mapping fields in a CSV file to fields in the SimpleRisk database. The Extra also provides the ability to export CSV files from SimpleRisk containing Risks, Mitigations, Reviews, or a Combination report of all three.



SimpleRisk Encrypted Database Extra

Sensitive text is encrypted with a long, random, password prior to being inserted into the SimpleRisk database preventing anyone from being able to view or modify the data without using the SimpleRisk application directly.



SimpleRisk Risk Assessment Extra

The Risk Assessment Extra provides users with the ability to define contacts, create questions (including logic), assemble multiple questions with a questionnaire template, create questionnaires and send them to contacts, view the questionnaire results, add risks based on those results, and compare the results over time, import and export externally customized assessments, and review the risk assessment audit trail.



SimpleRisk Jira Integration Extra

The Jira Integration Extra provides users with the ability to integrate bi-directionally with a Jira instance. It enables connecting risks to Jira issues, as well as syncing their data, status and comments.



SimpleRisk Customization Extra

The Customization Extra provides administrators with the ability to add custom fields to risks and assets as well as modify the layout of these pages and remove existing fields. Currently supported custom fields includes short text, long text, dropdown, multi-select dropdown, datestamp, and user selection.



SimpleRisk API Extra

The API Extra provides users with the ability to create and revoke API keys that allow for scripted interactions with the SimpleRisk system.



SimpleRisk Vulnerability Management Extra

The Vulnerability Management Extra provides customers with the ability to integrate their SimpleRisk instance with Tenable.io or Rapid7 Nexpose/InsightVM and import both asset and vulnerability data into SimpleRisk. From there, you can select which sites you want to cover, determine which vulnerability scores should be imported and triage which vulnerabilities are turned into risks to track them.


    Premium Extras  

SimpleRisk Incident Management Extra

The Incident Management Extra is based on the NIST 800-61 Computer Security Incident Handling Guide and provides incident management capabilities from within the SimpleRisk system.



SimpleRisk Organizational Hierarchy Extra

The Organizational Hierarchy Extra enables the ability to define multiple Business Units which can include any number of teams. Users can then be assigned across one or more teams under various Business Units. This affects a user's ability to see and use the teams, users, and assets which they are not associated with.

$2,995 / Business Unit