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Gov 101

Governance 101: Back to Basics

Let’s go back to the basics and talk about what governance is and how you can use it to ensure that the information that reaches your executive team and other key stakeholders is complete, accurate and timely.


How To Calculate Inherent vs. Residual Risk

Learn how to minimize the level of effort required to track a risk’s progress over time and how to measure the effectiveness of your risk mitigation.


Compliance 101: Back to Basics

Let’s go back to the basics and break down what enterprise compliance is and how you can use it to ensure your organization is conforming with its stated requirements.

Log4Shell Vulnerability

The Impact of the Apache log4j Vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) on SimpleRisk

SimpleRisk has assessed our risk against the Apache Log4j vulnerability and determined that no customers deployed with our standard deployment instructions, regardless of On-Premise or Hosted environment, should be impacted by this vulnerability.

Risk Management Spreadsheets

Why Spreadsheets Are Killing Your GRC Practice

Many of the prospects we speak with are currently using spreadsheets to manage their risks. In this blog post we explore why that is a bad idea and how SimpleRisk provides a simple, effective and affordable alternative.

Frustrated CISO

These CISOs GRC is Failing Them And I Know Why

Today I attended a CISO roundtable where a number of the attendees talked about their GRC platforms that have taken over a year to "connect all the wires" and they're still in the process of implementing. I know why their GRCs are failing them and there is a better way.

SR Logo

SimpleRisk Free and Open Source vs. Fully Featured Platform

Curious about SimpleRisk’s product offerings and available functionality? Read on to learn about our flexible deployment models – from free and open source to fully-featured GRC platform!

Professional Services

Why SimpleRisk Doesn’t Require Professional Services

This blog details how our approach varies from that of our competitor’s and how we ensure customer success without including professional services in our pricing model.

Manage Users

How To: Manage Personnel Changes in SimpleRisk

Explore your options for managing personnel changes in SimpleRisk.